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Metin 2 - The Grotto of Exile


08.02.2011To the dragon's cave!

You have already endured a long journey when you come face to face with the legendary Sura Akuma. Taking a bow, he accepts your toll and opens the gate...

  • Face the biggest challenge of all time: Fight against Beran-Setaou, the God of Destruction!
  • Unleash the secret of the new Metin stones: Are their dark powers connected to those of the Blue Dragon?
  • Pick up your deserved reward: Collect powerful materials for weaponsmith Seon-Pyeong!

02.02.2010The gates to the Grotto of Exile are now open for you!

You are greeted by a world of darkness and icy coldness. Your steps echo through the stony walls. But are these sounds really coming from you...?

  • Enter the deep and dark corridors of the Grotto of Exile and search for traces of the legendary Sura warrior Akuma
  • Face the terror that is waiting for you in the underground burrow system - the remote underworld is being ruled by bizarre creatures
  • Unearth the roots of a secret culture within the village community and make your decision... The war of the gods is not over yet!

27.01.2010Here are a few short facts about the event:

At first glance your village seems the same as ever. Nevertheless, the tension brewing within you seems to be giving you a silent warning. Something is going to happen...Do not hesitate and get to the bottom of this! Take part in the pre-event of the Grotto of Exile!

  • Test your strength by fighting wild animals on your search for the mysterious Glyph Stones
  • Get to know Heuk-Young, who will give you the mysterious Dragon God Amulet if you complete a mission for her
  • Take a magical journey into the unknown hinterland, where you will find the entrance to the legendary grotto. The gates are still closed at the moment. But inside, the ancient stories are waiting to return to the world...