Blazing Purgatory

Take part!

Blazing Purgatory

Are you ready for your trial by fire? Then step through into Blazing Purgatory. Waiting for you:

  • Challenging game content up to level 105
  • Demanding high-level dungeon with seven exciting zones of destiny
  • New inventory for potions thanks to an innovative belt system
  • Fierce PvE battles that demand cooperation and strategic thinking
  • Continuation of the main quest series
  • Improved design of the Fireland area



The God of all demons, Sung Mahi, has arisen – the end of humanity draws near! His destructive power is still debilitated, the gaze of his all-seeing eyes clouded. But his underlings will not rest until their master is able to rise up against this world with full strength.

The task falls on his loyal follower Razador, Ruler of Fire, to free the legendary red dragon from his dungeon. Should he accomplish this task, it will further clear his God's path to power. Only a group of chosen ones are able to prevent this! Side by side they stand, with united strength, weapons raised for battle and their lips twisted to form a fierce smile. Every fibre of their body tells the same truth: the decisive day has arrived. Now is the time for heroes. Take a deep breath, for with the next step the gates will open... into Blazing Purgatory!

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